The lovely 5 years old Selestina whose rather unconventional tastes for colour coded folders and correctly folded napkins has gone on to have a varied and fun career in holding the hands of creative people, and guiding them towards their vision and also making others dreams and vision come true..

The golden thread that connects all of these is a passion for enabling fascinating people to create beautiful things and that’s my passion, Individuality and precision have always been at the centre of everything I do - that’s why I have no problem taking on that big birthday, or the most important day of your life! I pride myself on being a trusted and creative collaborator.

If that sounds right up your strasse, and you have an event that you need to turn from a mere twinkle in your eye to something you will remember forever, drop me a line! I’ll never push you to use my services, just have a chat about your ideas and aspirations. I can’t wait to hear what you have up your sleeve.

Recent Events

We manage small or large-scale,either personal or corporate events such as conferences, ceremonies, weddings, parties/themed,formal parties, concerts etc, Events can be classified on the basis of their size, type and context. We are a full service event and party rental company,we have handled events from 2-600 guests throughout the years of CNL brand.

Baby Shower

This event up here was a baby shower for a Caribbean couple expecting their second child who excitingly was a girl because they already had a boy, how great was that. We were asked to put an exquisite and clean output with class and this is what we came up with..everything was left to us except the couple saying they wanted pink and gold..we provided all the equipments from tables, chairs, lighting, covers, charter plates, cutlery and all the things you are seeing in the picture. The couple came in and they were surprised and excited to see the result.

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  • Dec. 12th 2019

Zoya's First Birthday party

Asian couple who wanted a classy and yet a fairy birthday party for their daughters first birthday,we planned and executed just as she wanted ..from decor to choosing colour themes and getting cake vendors and assisting her in choosing food vendors too which all in the end we had about 100 ppl attending the ceremony and every guest had a good time and they loved everything they saw

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  • Jan. 11 2020

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Whether you are planning an intimate roof top ceremony or evening reception for 500 guests,Cnl decorators are your number one on the dial.

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